Pray for Peace: Summer Solstice Gathering at The World Peace Sanctuary-Wassaic, NY-USA

June 21st, 2013

To welcome the Summer and share our thoughts and wishes for a more peaceful life on Earth, several of us gathered together on the evening of the Solstice. We met at the start of the Peace Path at The World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York. The Peace Path is a slate covered meandering walkway that is flanked with Peace Poles, individually representing the United Nations’ member Nations. We started at Afghanistan and all joyously declared aloud “May Peace Prevail in Afghanistan, May Peace Prevail On Earth.” We stopped at each Peace Pole along the Peace Path and did the same for each Nation in alphabetical order ending with Zimbabwe.  It was truly a beautiful evening at The World Peace Sanctuary as we reminded one another of our good fortune- to be alive on this planet and to be citizens of USA as we spoke the names of so many Countries where life is not as kind  for others.  We gather for a World Peace Prayer Ceremony on the Peace Path on every Equinox and every Solstice at 6:30 pm, rain or shine. Please join us on the Fall Equinox on Sunday, September 22nd (the day after the International Day of Peace) to help us fill the air with voices of love and oneness.




May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Jim Dugan, WPPS
at The World Peace Sanctuary