Dearest Friends in Peace,

The planting of these 2 Peace Poles was another MILESTONE for me.

MARIO 'TOOTS' FUNGO,WPPS Volunteer Peace Representative and Executive Director of BOCC Inc.

I can feel the extraordinary mission of these 2 Peace Poles planted in a community where 2,000 indigent people live in dire poverty and scarcity of basic human services, such as: water, electricity and decent housing. Sanitary is absent in the area.

I commend the Japanese gentleman, Mr. Hiroshi Shinomiya, Director of the Project BASURA, who is starting a children center with the purpose of providing medical and educational assistance to the children that live in this impoverished dwelling.

It was through this man that Yosie and Osanai-san was introduced to this area and together with some other young Japanese members who came to be exposed to this kind of life in the” Basura Community.” In Filipinos and foreign media, this is known as ‘SMOKEY MOUNTAIN’ a symbol of the Philippine government’s inability to provide a better life for its people as you can plainly see in the photographs. It is heartwreching to witness the people, including helpless children living amidst the mismanaged garbage disposal system, which has been an issue for decades now among the marginalized sector of the Philippines Society. It touches my radical Christian spirituality.

The fatigue I was feeling at the moment was intensified by seeing and feeling this kind of situation of Humanity which we say Divine in our Prayer. At times during our 3 -hour stay, I needed to sit down and rest and drink water ( very warm area ) and Pray for Infinite Light and Physical Energy, so that I may complete my mission with Osanai-san and Ms. Yosie Hagiwara.

I will remain in communication with the people at the BASURA CENTER in terms of assisting the community. I turned-over the responsibility of protecting the 2 Peace Poles to the community leaders and village council members. I plan to give inner peace and mandala writing workshops when the center is finish.

I will be in close contact with Mr.Hiroshi Shinomiya, Director of the Project BASURA. Mr. Shinomiya is very supportive of the Basura (in tagalog means GARBAGE) Project. He has filmed the life of the people here to show to the Japanese youth to inspire them to come to the Basura community to assist with the development of social awareness in this community of hope.


Exec.Director,BOCC Inc.
Sta. Magdalena,Sorsogon
May Peace Prevail On Earth