Peace Poles in Tutzing, Germany

It’s so precious, interesting and valuable to learn the history—the story behind the planting of Peace Poles.



Mr. Jakob Blaette of Germany was on a business trip in Japan. In Kamakura in front of the Hokoku-ji Temple he saw a Peace Pole at the temple’s entrance.

Since then it was his wish to have a Peace Pole planted by his garden in Tutzing outside Munich/Germany.

He went to Tokyo’s Department Store Takashimaya (Ginza!) and asked the shop assistant where he can obtain such a Peace Pole. 

The helpful shop assistant did not know but noted the address of the hotel in which Mr. Blaette`s was staying in Tokyo.

After a couple of days Mr. Blaette received a phone call from that shop assistant saying that the Peace Pole can be ordered by WPPS in Ichikawa and that Mr. Blaette

should contact a professor by the name of Hedeo Nakazawa. Mr. Blaette went to meet him.  To Mr. Blaette`s great surprise and joy he learned from Mr. Nakazawa that a Peace Pole will be gifted to him, to plant in is garden in Tutzing. 




In Mr. Blaetter`s home town Tutzing another Peace Pole was planted on the occasion of the 100the Anniversary of the local Benedictine nuns. 


 2009, OCTOBER 2Oth

A third Peace Pole was planted in Tutzing outside the Catholic St. Joseph Church. 

The pole was wish of Father Peter Brummer and donated by Mr. Blaette.

Jakob Blätte, Sr.Hildegard (Mother Superior of the Benedictines), Father Peter Brummer, Sr. Evelyne, a translator, a father from Nigeria and the Mayor of Truhing (Dr. Wanner)  

 Submitted by:

Dagmar Berkenberg, WPPS

Munich Germany Office