MPPOE and IDP celebrated in schools-Japan


Mrs. Kaoru Oue has been working with Ohmika Elementary School and Ibaraki Christian Junior and Senior High School for 10 years on the International Day of Peace.

She talked to the school Headmaster about the importance of the IDP initiative and suggested the use of the international flag set.

hey talked and came to the conclusion to include the Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth and to celebrate the IDP with the students as a school event and display the flag set.

Ohmika Elementary School displays the flag set at their school Olympic event and the Headmaster explained the importance of IDP and to keep peace ever present in our hearts.

Ibaraki Christian Junior and Senior High School has their IDP memorial worship and displays the flag sets each year.

Since, the Message and IDP continue to be well received by the teachers, students and parents.

I am attaching the photos for each.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Translation by Yashio Mochizuki, Goi Peace Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Mrs. Kaoru Oue is a life long dedicated member of The World Peace Prayer Society in Japan.