May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Peace Pals Coordinator plants Peace Pole, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

2004 to current

It all started when we  saw our first Peace Pole at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT in 2004.   We decided to plant a Peace Pole in our front garden and purchased one
in the summer of 2005. 
A day or two after school started in late August 2005, a press release was written by a friend and local schools and neighbors and town officials were invited to attend.
The day arrived, gorgeous and warm, and sparkling.  Our Buddhist prayer
flags and peace flags were hung around the house.  Our neighbor was here
with three newly hatched Monarch butterflies.  My son and grandson were
here to run the sound system.  My daughter was here from California to film the
event.  About 15 friends gathered around the Peace Pole.  The police came and
blocked off our street.


We saw the children and their teachers coming around the corner, carrying signs and banners (May Peace Prevail On Earth) and wearing hats with peace signs and globes on them.  Students from Black Rock and St Ann schools and children from the two local pre-schools came and filled the front yard and sidewalk and driveway.
The Governor’s representative came and read a proclamation.  The Mayor
came and read his proclamation and sang with the children.  The Peace Pole was
unveiled.  We learned how to say May Peace Prevail On Earth in Japanese,
Khmer, and Hebrew.  All present took a personal peace pledge. 

Each person left a stone at the base of the Peace Pole.
We had great press coverage in the CT Post and on Channel 12.
Gail Ostrow, Peace Pals Coordinator, Bridgeport, Connecticut-USA