May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Peace Representative News: Peace Pole in Bacalar, Mexico

April 22, 2009


Earth Day was celebrated in Bacalar, a small little town by the most beautiful lagoon in the Mexican Caribbean, known for its historical fort, built back in the seventeenth century as a defense against pirates. Nowadays it harbors a progressive community of people conscious of the importance of preserving the environment and promoting non-violent relations amongst people of different backgrounds.

The ceremony took place in the Central Park. The four directions were opened in the traditional Mayan way to ask the land for permission to perform the ceremony. Deva Avishta, organizer of the event and Patricia Hume, WPPS Representative in Mexico shared a few thoughts around the importance of promoting peace in the world. Patricia said, “It starts by making peace with our own hearts, at home and in our communities.”

People from all over, including community members and tourists, men and women, young and not so young, came together in joy to celebrate their differences, expressed in sacred circle dance, lead by Pablo Scornik who has dedicated his life in promoting harmony and peace.

The Peace Pole was hand-carved by Alfredo, who translated the mantra May Peace Prevail On Earth in Maya, the ancient pre-Hispanic language of the local culture.

In Maya, he said, “there is no such a word as peace.” The closest translation of May Peace Prevail On Earth is TE YUKSILE YOK KABIL. Its meaning is a broader one, encompassing the happiness and well being of all creatures, co-existing in the Universe, including the wish that all may realize the highest! He also carved the mantra in English, Spanish and Tibetan so that it can remind people visiting Bacalar of the importance of keeping peace present anywhere and at all times.

May Peace be in Mexico! May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Patricia Hume, WPPS Representative in Mexico