2nd Peace Pals™ International Art Exhibition, Munich, Germany

April 7, 2009




Yesterday was the inauguration of the 2nd Peace Pals International Art Exhibition in “St. Laboure Senior Home” which is 15 miles outside of Munich, Germany. The paintings will remain there until the end of June and then move onto their next location.   

Today, the Peace Pals International Art Exhibition has been placed on the congregation’s webpage under “News”:  


This time I could hang up even more paintings as their corridors are pretty long. The inhabitants are “worldly” seniors but also nuns. 

They were all very grateful for this event. They said,  “it brings sunshine into their lives.”

Mother Superior, Sr. Ermenfrieda told me that in the short time since the artwork has been displayed on the corridor walls, she has already received many positive remarks about this new exhibition. Nothing opens the heart of our elders more than a child. Many of the nuns used to teach in schools when they were younger.

 A Peace Pole planting and dedication ceremony is scheduled to take place at “St. Laboure Senior Home” on May 6th.

Dagmar Berkenberg,      

The World Peace Prayer Society office, Munich, Germany