Peace Pole Planted with Flag Ceremony at Bong Won Sa Temple. San Bernadino, California, USA

On August 18th, Janis Kim a May Peace Prevail On Earth International member, planted a Peace Pole celebrating the event with a Peace Prayer Flag Ceremony. This took place at the Korean Buddhist temple, “Bong Won Sa” in Pinon city, San Bernardino County, California on August 18 and it was a very good day.

It was through her connection to the Korean Buddhist temple network she made in the previous years that brought this occasion.

The Bong Won Sa temple is the head temple in the US region 4 of Taego Order of Korean Buddhism. The head teacher is Chun Won Sunim.  It’s the southwest part when dividing the US into four parts.  It was a very remarkable occasion.

Thank you to Janis Kim for news and photos

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