May Peace Prevail On Earth Teaches Kindness with Peace by Piece at McEnroe Farm, Millerton, NY

May Peace Prevail on Earth, International showed it’s support to local businesses on Saturday August 10th, 2019 at McEnroe Farm Market’s Annual Strawberry Festival.

May Peace Prevail On Earth, International is supportive in local Community Activities. At McEnroe Farm Market’s Strawberry Festival, Peace by Piece was teaching kindness through sharing.

All interested were encouraged to come and create not one but two bracelets. One to keep and one to share, promoting giving through this exercise.

It was a warm summer day and all who attended had a wonderful time. The idea of spreading Peace took off and many participated with the help of World Peace Sanctuary staff.

This was a lovely festival filled with food, drinks, laughter and crafts. It was enjoyed by all and we look forward to being able to return again.

May Peace Prevail On Earth