Peace Pole is Symbol of Living Values of Mizzentop Day School Pawling, NY USA

Mizzentop Day School is an independent institution that prides itself on teaching students to foster a sense of tolerance and social responsibility, enabling them to become positive contributors to their respective communities.

Mizzentop has twelve internationally-recognized Living Values, all of which foster sensitivity and encourage citizenship in our diverse, global world. One of these values is Peace.

They have planted a Peace Pole as a beautiful reminder of the message of Peace at their school, as well as decorated the campus with all of the principles being taught.

The other values are: Respect,Tolerance, Honesty, Unity, Love, Humility, Freedom, Cooperation, Happiness, Simplicity and Responsibility.

This Living Values Curriculum accompanied by a guided love for learning, Mizzentop has followed since first opening 20 years ago. It has enabled graduates to grow into enlightened, honorable citizens. Preparing them to make a difference in the world as well as giving thoughtful consideration as to how they fit into this global society.

“At Mizzentop, we believe community is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect.”

Multiple voices and experiences enrich each classroom. Students are encouraged to explore the beauty of each person’s unique background, celebrate their differences and find a common ground.

PEACE: “When I am calm in my inside and outside world.” – Preston Class of ‘20.

Respect: “We understand that we are all equal and are living as one” – Isabelle Class of ‘18.

Mizzentop Day School is not only teaching the essential values our upcoming youth and society need, they are helping to spread the Message of Peace on a daily basis.

Whether it be through the visualization of this intention with a planted Peace Pole in courtyard, or daily affirmations in being the best versions of themselves they can be. The Teacher’s and Staff are making an impact that will forever change the lives of those who attend and all who interact with them. The messages taught are spread by each individual as they move onward into society.

Thank you to the Faculty, Staff and Students at Mizzentop Day School for sharing their Ideals, Photographs and helping to spread the ever important message of Peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Photos and News Credited to Mizzetentop Day School.