Austrian Alliance for Climate Plants Peace Pole San Isidro, Choco Columbia

The Austrian Alliance for Climate has Planted a Peace Pole as a symbolic message of their support for the war torn community. This was a visible sign of solidarity and peace in the village of San Isidro.

San Isidro in the Choco region of Columbia is a village that has been severely affected by violence and environmental destruction. The local people including its youth have been “exposed to the horrors of war and murder”.

Climate Alliance Vorarlberg or The Austrian Alliance for Climate has come to this region as a beacon of hope for a community desperately in need. They have been aware of the grassroots movement of MPPOE, Int. and began working with May Peace Prevail on Earth International to help plant the first Peace Pole in the Region of Choco.

According to the The Climate Alliance Vorarlberg, they helped support this initiative last November at the agricultural school “Antonio Anglés” in San Isidro (municipality of Río Quito) and provided the necessary materials. In a joint act with the school, the first Peace Pole in the state of Chocó was planted.

It was the local Priest who led the Community, Father Oscar Pardo Cordoba, that decided the school would be the perfect place to Plant this Symbol of Peace, Strength and Support for those who needed it most; the village’s youth.

“Many people were involved in setting up the Peace Pole – teachers, students of the eco-group, the priests and the Climate Alliance team. Together, the necessary material was transported, the hole dug up for installation and the stake finally blessed by the village pastor in front of a community.”

Thus, the Climate Alliance Vorarlberg, together with the people of San Isidro joined a global solidarity movement and loudly declared the wish:


May Peace Prevail and Remain in San Isidro

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

News and Photographs Courtesy of The Climate Alliance of Austria as well as

May Peace Prevail On Earth, International’s European Office