Webatuck Elementary Learns about Peace at The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY

On May 30th, 2019, The World Peace Sanctuary hosted the third grade class from Webatuck Elementary School. The Field trip included the students participating in a World Peace Flag Ceremony. They learned the flags of the Nations and the main premise to send your energetic words, thoughts and intentions for peace to prevail on Earth.

Everyone was able to carry a Nation’s flag during the ceremony, they did so with enthusiasm and respect for the important task bestowed upon them.

They were taught the flags of each UN recognized Nation, the proper way to hold as well as the significance of the Ceremony.

Once the Prayer Flag Ceremony had concluded half of 60 students went for a nature walk around the Sanctuary grounds. They learned about the different species of Butterfly that briefly inhabit the land and how it came to be an actual certified Monarch Way-Station.

The other 30+ students were able to do some crafting consisting of creating beaded bracelets for themselves, friends or loved ones. They had a wonderful time and showed their natural giving nature in wanting to make bracelets for those they care about. MPPOE, Int’s World Peace Sanctuary staff call this activity “Peace by Piece”.

By the end of the visit an overwhelming sensation of happiness and Peace could be felt throughout the group. The students were allowed to run all around through the Black Walnut Grove and experience a meditative Labyrinth. They created gifts for loved ones and departed with gift bags of their own.

Thank you to all who came to visit, and to the teachers for lending helping hands. Everyone gathered with their minds and hearts open, on that special morning, ready to learn what “May Peace Prevail On Earth” is all about.

We look forward to more students visiting now that school is back in session. If interested in a field trip, contact AnnMarie Robustelli at Annmarie@worldpeace.org for more information on programs we offer.