The United Nations International School Teaches Peace by Creating Peace Pole. NY, NY USA

The United Nations International School, UNIS, educates and inspires its students to become an active force in shaping a better world: peaceful, compassionate and sustainable, according to their Mission Statement.

The values taught are about having respect for one’s own culture as well as a mutual respect of other creating awareness of multiculturalism.

These values are much like those of May Peace Prevail On Earth International, by spreading the universal peace message of “May Peace Prevail On Earth” both are working towards creating global awareness and mutual respect.

Dr Brenner Director of UNIS, giving a speech to the students at their Peace Pole Planting.

Dr Brenner said, “We welcome all of our UNIS friends who made time to join us this morning. Today we come together to plant our Peace Pole. The Peace Pole at UNIS highlights the important work the students and teachers do in the classrooms and beyond to bring about world peace. It symbolizes the school’s mission of making a better world. It also connects to this years’ theme of “greening the blue” as for every new Pole, ten trees will be planted.”

An Art Peace Pole kit was purchased for this project and each child had a chance to add their own creative touch, which makes for a very special Peace Pole.

From Hand Crafting to Raising, the J3/J4 Peace Keepers of UNIS were involved every step of the way.

The J3/J4 Peace Keepers are a dedicated volunteer leadership group that come together every Tuesday morning to work on making this world more peaceful in simple ways under Ms. Boekholt’s guidance, Music Director at UNIS.

The Peace Keepers sang while walking up and carrying the Pole at the same time. They composed their own song:

“ We bring a message of Peace,

 Peace begins with me.

 Peace please, please Peace

 For you too”

Congratulations to all who participated in this Beautiful Peace Pole Ceremony and also to all of the Graduates.

The Peace Pole Art kit, is offered exclusively by The World Peace Sanctuary in USA. It was developed with the idea to inspire Peace through Creative Expression.  For every Peace Pole Art kit sold, (10) trees are planted through “Trees of the Future.” 

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Photo and News Credited to UNIS of New York, NY