Creatively Spreading Peace at Edmonds Elementary, Edmonds, WA

Edmonds Elementary, in the state of Washington, holds an Annual STARS Foundation Fundraiser to help support Science, Technology, Art & Reading for their students. This year a very special teacher led the way with a one of a kind designs created by her Kindergarten class.

Jennifer Martin, Developmental Kindergarten teacher at Edmonds, was determined her class would be able to express their talents. After a lot of careful thought, they would create and design their own Peace Pole for the annual fundraiser. They did so from top to bottom adorned with a solar light and furnished with a personally designed base.

As a result, a beautiful and unique, piece of art emerged. Per Jennifer, her “classroom consists of 9 kindergarten aged students with moderate to complex motor & communication issues”.

Jennifer went on to state how proud she was of this accomplishment, exclaiming, “I think it turned out Great!” she was instrumental in the creation of this symbol of Peace with the help from her perceptive students. They contributed to the scenery creating butterflies with painted feet and dandelions with thumb prints. Every student had a hand, or foot, involved in its creation.

Edmonds’ Mascot is the Orca, and a talented Kindergartener stenciled one on to the Peace Pole, customizing for their School.

Having the pleasure to be in contact during this process was an inspiring experience. Being afforded the opportunity to see a phenomenal teacher encouraging students to independently create. Witnessing their visions of Peace emerge is a beautiful reminder of the premise behind the grassroots beginnings of “May Peace Prevail on Earth”, and the Symbolic Peace Pole itself.

This Peace Pole was auctioned for charity on 5/4/19, congratulations to the new owner of this representation of ingenuity, love and peace.

May Peace Prevail On Earth, Int. appreciates teachers, such as Jennifer Martin, for their contribution to helping spread the message of Peace and teaching living values.

“The Place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”-Robert M. Pirsig.

Thank you to Edmonds Elementary 2019 Kindergarten class, Ms. Jennifer Martin, M.Ed., NBCT and all of the staff that helped see this vision become a reality. Sincerest Gratitude for sharing the journey.

May Peace Prevail in Edmonds, Washington

May Peace Prevail on Earth

News and Photography credited to Jennifer Martin,