Rose Movement for World Peace, Manila, Philippines

May 4th, 2010

Dear Friends,
Namaste and greetings of peace to you all!

I am sending you some pictures from the Rose Movement in Manila for World Peace and from the conference I attended there. I distributed 215 roses in total there and more than 5,000 roses in Nepal so far. I have found that people love roses no matter what race, religion, ethnicity or nationality they belong to and roses appeal to everyone’s heart. It is a universal symbol for love and peace. Although a rose is one, it is of many colors, similarly, we human beings are of many races, ethnicity, color, religion and nationality, and we are still one human family. Therefore, the Rose Movement is to remind us of meaning of unity and oneness, and of the message of Love, Peace, Friendship and Harmony!

I have been successful in using the Rose Movement for conflict resolution when there was a tension across Nepal-India border. People exchanged roses, raised flags of both nations, sang national anthem of both countries and remembered the martyrs of both countries. It was published with great priority on major national media of Nepal and India. We have also been organizing the Rose Movement for building constitution on time in Nepal!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!
Peace Cheers!
Dr Sushil Koirala