2022 United Nations International Day of Peace Celebration in Nigeria

September 8-21, 2022

The 2022 United Nations International Day of Peace celebration in Nigeria by Peace Representative of May Peace Prevail On Earth International.

A twelve member steering committee was set up in Nigeria by the Nigerian Peace Representative, Mr. Mojima Etokudo, along with Mr. Aniebiet Abraham as the Chairperson.

Nigerian Peace Representative,
Mr. Mojima Etokudo

A week full of activities-from September 8- 21, 2022.

In honor of the 2022 United Nations’ Peace Day, the following activities were carried out:

On September 8, 2022, the steering committee met with the Traditional Rulers Council of Abak county council, we sensitized them on peaceful coexistence. The Peace Pole and peace stickers were presented to the Traditional Rulers. Both the men and women wing received the Peace Pole. 

On the same day, the Executive Chairman (Mayor) of Abak Local Government Area (County Council), Hon. Ekerete Inyang received a Desktop Peace Pole as Ambassador of Peace.

On Wednesday September 14, Mr. Mojima Etokudo, led the steering committee and discussed the issues on PEACE building,  on Radio Station, 101.5 FM. Telephone lines were opened and many called in during our session in the studio.

On Thursday September 15, again, another Radio station XL106.9 FM on the program of one of our media partner MICHAEL BUSH PLC granted us  thirty minutes live on air, to further promote the universal prayer for world peace,  “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH”  and the United Nations’ Peace Day.

On Monday September 19, we met with the General Manager of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 12, Uyo,  to discuss our United Nations’ Peace Day event coverage, in which she accepted. 

On Tuesday September 20, we had a pre-event meeting with our Peace Ambassadors, to evaluate our peace work, progress and challenges.

On Wednesday September 21, ABN Television granted me one hour of airtime live, United Nations’ International Day of Peace was discussed to include the activities of May Peace Prevail on Earth International.

Our 2022, United Nations’ Peace Day in Nigeria by May Peace Prevail On Earth International had a wider pre and post event Media Coverage.


The event on Wednesday September 21,2022 commencement:

Red Carpet Reception: Guest were treated to a short interview on camera.  Program of the event and information about the May Peace Prevail On Earth International organization were shared and then peace stickers were handed out. 

Indoor event at AKMAG HOTELS, which accommodates up to 350 people, was filled to capacity.

We opened with the universal peace prayer for world peace- “May Peace Prevail on Earth” was sung in unison, at midday.

Evangelist Bassey Esang delivered a sermon on the need for PEACE.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Udeme Nana delivered a lecture on the theme: “END RACISM, BUILD PEACE” it was thought provoking.

The Chairman on the Occasion AKPARAWA MICHAEL BUSH in his address to salute the United Nations and the May Peace Prevail On Earth International for the initiative and to implore Peace Enthusiasts at the event to hold unto the ideals of Peace for all life on Earth.

Students of Government Model Girls Secondary School, Ikot Ekang, Abak rendered PEACE SONG, and the audience were thrilled. 

The School Principal and the students received a Peace Pole and a Certificate of participation.


Mojima Etokudo, Peace Representative in Nigeria presented my address which provoked many PEACE ENTHUSIASTS in attendance to redirect their thoughts towards injustice,  discimination and gender inequality as an instrument that triggered Racism.

A Resolution on International Day of Peace was read by Dr. Marcel Agim, World Bank Appeals Project Coordinator, Cross River State. Dr. Agim was awarded as our Peace Ambassador.

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres’ message was read by Mr Eddy Ekpenyong, a veteran journalist who was awarded Ambassador of Peace/Life Time Achievement on Broadcasting and developmental journalism.

The Vice President of May Peace Prevail On Earth International,  Rika Saionji,  sent in a video message that inspired the audience.

Vice President of May Peace Prevail On Earth International,  Rika Saionji

The Executive Director of May Peace Prevail On Earth International,  Fumi Johns Stewart’s speech was read by Barrister Osita Onuora who was awarded as Ambassador of Peace.

The Program Director, International Exchange MPPOEI, Mr. Yashio Mochizuki’s Message was read by Miss Emem Mojima, a 16 year old girl.

Messages by Deborah Moldow of Garden of Light and Lisa Parker of PEACE PHILLY were read by our Peace Ambassadors.


Prayers for PEACE in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Africa, the Global Community and for the peaceful election in Nigeria come 2023,  was offered by both Christian and Moslem clerics.


Thirty  Nigerians were selected from the following religious circle.  The  Traditional Rulers Council, Military Commander, Academia, Political class, Entrepreneurs and Media circle received Peace Poles, Certificates, peace stickers and Peace Medals as Ambassadors of Peace.


We plan to follow up with our planned advocacy with both Traditional Rulers, Women folk, Youth and Students. 

A Peace Pole will be presented during our meeting.  We are praying for more resources to procure more Peace Poles, and stickers etc.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.


Mojima Etokudo
May Peace Prevail On Earth International, Peace Representative in Nigeria