Peace Pole Project, International School- Mexico City, MEXICO

May, 2010

Dear Friends,
Escuela Lomas Altas is an International Baccalaureate primary school in Mexico City. The school curriculum is based on the Primary Years Program of the IB Program. At the end of the school year, the 6th grade students present a final exhibition of the PYP Program. The exhibition is based on a theme that the students choose regarding any subject that affects the world and humankind. They have to inquire, analyze and present it to the entire school community at the end of May. It is a big celebration.

This year’s 6th grade exhibition was based on “Humankind creates tools and strategies to make peaceful coexistence possible in a diverse society.” The 6th grade was divided in groups and the head teachers were responsible for guiding and planning the Exhibition. One of the 6th grade groups this year investigated on Organizations that Promote Peace Around the World, that had to do with the central idea. During their inquiry on this subject, the students found out about the Peace Poles Project which led them to make their own Peace Pole and present it on the day of the exhibition.

It was a great success!! All of the school community, parents, students and teachers, wrote phrases on it regarding Peace in the World.

We are sending the picture of the Escuela Lomas Altas Peace Pole.

Have a wonderful day,
Rosalinda Lopez
Special Spanish Teacher
6th. Grade Mentor for the PYP Exhibition
Escuela Lomas Altas