Students helping students. A worthy project for a worthy cause! Carmel, NY, USA

These beautiful Peace Poles were made by students to benefit their fellow students in the Special Ed program at the George Fischer Middle School in Carmel, NY, USA

“I wanted to update you on the Peace Pole project we have been doing here at the George Fischer Middle School. To date, we have made 20 Desktop Peace Poles and they are all unique and wonderful. We are now going to start selling them to teachers in the building. We made them to include the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, in English, French, Italian and Spanish, which are the languages taught in our school. We included flags from each country and added cool stickers to sweeten them up! The students loved making them and they vary in size from about 6 inches to approximately 12 inches.
We made them from a variety of different woods…. trying to keep them interesting.
I have attached photos so you can see the fruits of our labor. I hope you like them!
Proceeds from sales will benefit our special education classes.”

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Jeff Diamond
George Fischer Middle School
Carmel, New York, USA

Jeff Diamond is the instructor for the Technology class at the George Fischer Middle School.  Last year, Mr. Diamond attended the annual A Call To Peace event at The World Peace Sanctuary when he befriended Jim Dugan, WPPS, Peace Pole maker and they began to formalize their ideas.