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Danny Garcia Walks for Peace-March 20, 2008

On the morning of March 20th Danny Garcia, founder of Global Walk Foundation is prepared to Walk for Peace from The World Peace Sanctuary to Ground Zero, in New York City. Since December 1996, Danny...
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Planting Peace: In our Hearts, our Community and in our World-March 29, 2008

Second Annual World Peace Flag Ceremony and Concert for Peace to celebrate: A SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE The Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA March 29, 2008 Hosted by Monica Willard, URI Representative to the United Nations; Jackie...
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Planting Peace in Avila, Spain-March 22, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008 Up until this day, everything was an adventure - full of magic, as if an outside energy was guiding us and putting everything into place. We found a centenary wood beam...
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Peace Prevails in South Africa!-March 21, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Susan Kaschula - SOUTH AFRICA In South Africa, Peace Rep Susan Kaschula crafts her own peace poles and organizes dedication ceremonies in her community of Cape Town. In commemoration of the...
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Rotary Peace Cities-March-2008

News from Peace Rep, Jeffrey A. Reiss - THAILAND Peace Rep Jeffrey Reiss has been an active ambassador of WPPS since the late 1980's. Since then he has organized and dedicated dozens of Peace Poles...
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Northern Lights Illuminate Peace Pole-February, 2008

I just heard about the project to spread the news about peace. I was at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska during the Yukon Quest and while I was waiting for the dog teams to come...
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Riverton Community Peace Pole Project-January 11, 2008

The Riverton Community held a spontaneous gathering in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Everyone read excerpts from King's famous Riverside Church speech about the Viet Nam War. The Brahma Kamaris, from the nearby BK...
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Congratulations WPPS!-February, 2008

Some letters of thanks and praise from our dedicated members... "Congrats on the First Issue! What wonderful work you are doing. I am so very grateful for the insight and collaborative efforts that so many...
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May Peace Prevail On Earth: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT-February, 2008

A NEW addition to our Home Page Voices of Children Around the World! MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH
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Pakistan Peace Pole Dedication-January 26, 2008

  On January 26, Mr. Jahangir Piar of Pakistan and Executive Director of Organization for Peace and Development (OPD) facilitated a Peace Pole dedication ceremony in the company of 1000 students and teachers in relation...
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Temple Beth El Peace Pole Dedication-January 22, 2008

On January 22nd, more than 100 parents and children attended a ceremony to dedicate a peace pole recently at Temple Beth El in Aliso Viejo, California, organized by Sam Hahn. "Our rabbi was talking about...
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Abode Peace Pole Planting-January 11, 2008

On Martin Luther King Day 2008, two Peace Poles were planted as a group of dedicated peaceworkers gathered at the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon in upstate New York. Wahida and Michael Young, two...
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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day-December 7, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Lt. Renee Marie - USA  Two Peace Poles were dedicated on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7th, 2007 in McClellan, California only miles away from Sacramento, the State Capitol. The events were...
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City Montessori School-WPFC-December, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Jagdish Gandhi - INDIA Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Peace Rep of WPPS and Director of the City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, India, organizes World Peace Prayer Ceremonies on an ongoing basis...
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World Village Festival-February, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Heidi Rautionmaa - FINLAND  A Peace Pole was blessed at the World Village Festival by the interfaith community in Espoo, Finland. MAY PEACE BE IN FINLAND.
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School Children dedicate Peace Pole-February 4, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Shinji Kasema - THE NETHERLANDS A Peace Pole was planted with 189 children from a total of 8 classes from the Montessori primary school in Arnhem. Each child decorated the pole...
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Conerly Road School-November 29, 2007

Peace Pals Coordinator, Virginia Abu-Bakr - USA November 29th - New Jersey, USA Significant to the Peace Pals success at Conerly Road School is the support of the principal, Mrs. Donna Silva-Burnett. She embraces and...
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Spreading Peace in Nepal-October 2, 2007

News from Peace Rep, Sushil Koirala - NEPAL  Our Peace Rep, Sushil, has designed and crafted some unique peace poles which he has presented to prominent leaders, activists and visionaries in Nepal. In celebration of...
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Season for Nonviolence-March 12, 2007

A Season for Nonviolence is a campaign honoring the work of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez from January 30-April 4. The World Peace Prayer Society will be a sponsor of...
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