May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Peace Pole to Celebrate the International Day of Peace at UCC, York Beach, Maine-USA

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

We are Union Congregational Church (UCC),  at York Beach, Maine.  Sunday we had peace cranes and pinwheels for peace.  Also, we dedicated our Peace Pole that we have had for a few years.


Our minister is new and was all for it.  I’ve had our tiny congregation writing prayers for peace on papers for weeks.

image003Reverend Mark Wendorf

My daughter folded 50 cranes and I made 50 pinwheels. Our service was all focused on peace. When I went to leave the church,  two people on bicycles had stopped and one was laying on the ground with the pinwheels while the other took her picture.

submitted by: Marty, clerk for UCC