May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Hiroshima Day
Live Webcast
Synchronized Global Meditation
8:15 am on 6th of August

74th Annual
August 6th, 2019
Hiroshima Peace Park
in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome
7:45am - 10:30am
The Atomic Bomb Dome
was the only structure left standing in the area and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List on December 7, 1996.


Its marker reads
As a historical witness that conveys the tragedy of suffering the first atomic bomb in human history and as a symbol that vows to faithfully seek the abolition of nuclear weapons and everlasting world peace.
Art piece From the Love to Hiroshima- Love to
Nagasaki Peace Pals Art Awards by artist
Petrov Andreea Eliza - Age 15, Romania
May Peace be In Hiroshima
May Peace Prevail On Earth


at the exact moment the first atomic bomb 
fell on the city of Hiroshima
- August 6th - 8:15 am Japan time -
You are Invited
After the ringing of the Peace Bell in the Park, the entire city of Hiroshima and Japan
stops for one minute of silence and reflection at 8:15am on August 6th,
the exact moment the first atomic bomb fell on the city. 
Join the Synchronized Global Meditation to add your intentions, visions,
affirmations and prayers for a nuclear free world and the awakening of
the global heart to peace, harmony and the oneness of humanity. 
Synchronized Global Meditation
Global Timing
   8:15am   August 6th  Japan
12:15am  August 6th  London 
     4:15pm   August 5th  PST USA
    7:15pm   August 5th  EST USA
8:15pm  August 5th  Uruguay
The World Peace Flag Ceremony 
will follow the minute of silence.

You can also send your written message 
to the people of Hiroshima

May Peace Prevail On Earth International members in Hiroshima
invite you to join them in a Call to Peace and a nuclear free world!


7:45 am Broadcast begins
8:15 am Synchronized Global Meditation
begins after the ringing of the Peace Bell in the Park
8:45am Violin performance
9:00 World Peace Flag Ceremony
10:30 am Closing
Hosted by May Peace Prevail On Earth International
Hiroshima Members.
Infinite Gratitude to our
Supporting Organizations
May Peace Prevail On Earth International
URI Logo

Our friends at the URI - United Religious Initiatives
invite you to recite The Nuclear Prayer on Hiroshima Day
as a call for the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

Join 791 URI Community Circle in 98 countries
in a call for the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

Learn more about The Nuclear Prayer and the
Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons URI Cooperation Circle.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Photo and Video Gallery

Wellington High School Peace Pole Dedication
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ERASE Club Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony
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May Peace Prevail on Earth. A Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony.
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Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Installs Peace Pole
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Pupils unwrap the Peace Pole at Falcons Primary School in Leicester
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Ceremony for Gourock, Scotland, winning The Fuji Declaration’s Peace Pole
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Serpent Mound Star Knowledge May Peace Prevail Here on Earth by Chris Davis
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At a Glance



The Power of Thought 
Thought forms create an energetic field strong enough
to empower the course of planetary destiny. 

The Power of Words 
Words carry vibrations strong enough to inspire, heal and transform  the human heart as well as the Kingdom of plants, animals and all creation. 

The Power of May Peace Prevail On Earth
May Peace Prevail On Earth is an all inclusive message.
It is a meeting place of the heart, bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures to embrace the Oneness of our planetary family.

Our Mission is Simple 
To spread the Universal Message of Peace, May Peace Prevail On Earthfar and wide to embrace the lands and people of this Earth.

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