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World Peace Flag Ceremony at the Burnham School, Washington, Connecticut, USA

On November 7th, 2018, Jim Dugan of the World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York, USA, lead a World Peace Flag Ceremony with the students of the Burnham School in Washington, Connecticut. Jim spoke about...
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Peace Pals Art Exhibit and Twin Town Peace Poles, Pottmes, Germany

Pöttmes, is a little town in Swabia, Southern Germany. The town has a wonderful Peace Pole Planted 2015, this serves as a reminder that the locals are aware of the message: “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON...
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Peace Pals Prize Finalist is all smiles, Philippines

All smiles, Joyce H. of the Philippines, Poses with her Peace Pals Prize Package and Medal. Joyce shows an amazing gift and incredible talent in the artwork she creates. We look forward to what the...
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Schoolhouse Peace Pole on Monhegan Island, Maine, USA

Though small it's famous for its peaceful tranquility housing a wildlife sanctuary with more than 500 varieties of wildflowers and 200 species of birds. “It’s a place when you visit nobody seems to be in...
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Peace Pole Planted, Aiken, SC, USA

We planted our Peace Pole on November 4th,  at the entrance to my labyrinth. We have had a meditative labryinth created for several years now. We live in Aiken, South Carolina. I first received the...
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Peace Pole at Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community Cornwall, VT

A Peace Pole dedication was held on Saturday October 27th, 2018 at The Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Center in Cornwall, Vermont. “The weather was a bit blustery with even a few snow flurries, but this...
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International Day of Peace – Tillman Center – Church Chapel at the United Nations

29 September 2018 International Day of Peace – Tillman Center – Church Chapel at the United Nations This International Day of Peace as recognized by the United Nations celebrated 70 years of the International Declaration...
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Evergreen Montessori Reminds us to live in Peace, San Jose, CA

Evergreen Montessori Schools Plant Peace Poles as Reminder to Live in Peace San Jose, CA Sunita Prakash of the Evergreen Montessori School wanted to add a Symbol of Peace to their three campuses. Evergreen is...
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The Great Middle Way Buddhist Association plants Peace Pole in honor of IDP in Crestone, CO USA

Jack Salamone, member of the Great Middle Way Buddhist Association, spearheaded the planning and planting of a Peace Pole at what is to be the sight for the Great Middle Way Mountain Hermitage in Crestone,...
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Peace Pole Planted in Warwick’s Peace Garden – Queensland, Australia

On Saturday morning 22 September 2018 people gathered at the Peace Garden in Warwick Queensland, Australia to celebrate the dedication of a Peace Pole The Baha’i Community of the Southern Downs Region wanted to leave...
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IDP Peace Pole Planting Undrumsdal/Tønsberg/ Norway

  Mr Ole Vestergaard in Undurmsdal, 120 km south of Oslo, on September 22nd in Undrumsdal/Tønsberg/ Norway a little Ceremony was held for International Day of Peace. A Peace Pole was planted with the languages of...
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Peace Pole for International Day of Peace, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In celebration of The International Day of Peace, September 21st 2018, a Peace Pole was planted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This project was lovingly put together by many, with months of planning in advance. The...
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Peace Day Party – Times Square, NYC

21 September 2018 Peace Day Party – Times Square Paul Sladkus brought to Times Square the annual Peace Day Party, once again honoring the Peace Pole and flags used in the World Peace Flag Ceremony...
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Jim Dugan, of WPPS, gives speech to Connecticut Valley Hospital on The International Day of Peace. Middletown, CT

On September 19th, 2018 Jim Dugan from The World Peace Sanctuary in New York was again the Keynote Speaker during the International Day of Peace (IDP) events at Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH). CVH opened in...
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Peace Rep Mojima Etokudo Celebrates IDP, Obong Ntak, Etim Ekpo, Nigeria

Peace Representative Mojima Etokudo of Nigeria worked with the World Peace Prayer Society in organizing this year's International Day of Peace celebration. Mojima writes: The annual World Peace Day was held on September 21 at...
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San Jose City College's annual Peace Pole Planting for International Day of Peace, San Jose, CA, USA

San Jose City College has an annual fall semester tradition of Celebrating the International Day of Peace. They do so by planting a Peace Pole coupled with an exuberant celebration filled with dancing and singing...
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Peace Lights Connect For Peace – City Hall Park, NYC

20 September 2018 Peace Lights Connect For Peace – City Hall Park Joumana Rizk continued her series of performances as a wish for peace at City Hall Park in NYC, where the fates of immigrants...
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De Kapel Promotes Peace Week in Hilversum, Netherlands

 September 15th to September 23 is "Peace Week" in Hilversum, Netherlands.   "De Kapel“ a liberal Faith Community with Christian background promotes each year "Peace Week“ very actively and each year it is part of their program...
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Flag Ceremonies,Talks of Peace and WPPS, Palestine-Israel

In the week of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement (forgiveness and repentance), eight women representing the WPPS, from Japan, France and the UK, visited Palestine-Israel to offer encouragement to those working for peace....
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Vigil4Peace & Ecology, Central Park NYC

16 September 2018 Vigil4Peace & Ecology, Central Park NYC The 17th Anniversary of the Vigil4Peace in Central Park gathered dancers, musicians, visual artists and peace leaders “on the road” towards the International Day of Peace....
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