Peace Pole inaugurated in front of the townhouse in Marl, North Rhine – Westphalia, GERMANY

September 21st, 2022

On the International Day of Peace, a Peace Pole has marked the square in front of the Marler Stadthaus on Carl-Duisberg-Straße in Marl.  It reminds us to constantly keep peace in mind, serves as a silent prayer – 250,000 such Peace Poles exist worldwide. It can be found in the Pentagon as well as at the United Nations, at the Arab League in Cairo as well as in many German cities.

Werner Arndt inaugurated the Marl Peace Pole as part of a small ceremony with around 150 citizens, council representatives and the administration. “In view of the current global political situation with all the wars and the direct consequences for the people, the longing and hope for peace are more relevant than ever,” he said. As a member, they were happy to join the call of the international organization Mayors for Peace in order to set an example not only for figurative meaning. Because peace must begin on a small scale, on the ground.

Message can also be read and touched in Braille

The special thing about Marl: The urgent message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” (in the origin of the author and founder Masahisa Goi from Japan “May Peace Prevail On Earth”) can be found not only in the languages of the seven Marl twin cities (German, English, French, Turkish, Hebrew, Polish, Hungarian), but also in Braille. In this way, people with a visual impairment can participate in this international symbol of peace. 

Hope for the future

In his welcoming address, Dr. Jan Sage, Ceo of the Hüls AG Foundation, emphasized the good cooperation between the city of Marl and the chemical park, in which people from around 60 different nations work together peacefully. Such a thing contributes to peace in the world and gives hope for the future.

A Peace Pole every year!

Incidentally, in order to further document the importance for a peaceful world, it should not remain with the Peace Pole. Werner Arndt: “In the future, we want to set a Peace Pole every year in Marl in places where people meet.”