The Experience of a Peace Pole Planting in Trige, DENMARK

July 14, 2022

The day before the installation of the Peace Pole, me and my life partner brought out the Peace Pole in the garden, we did some trials to find the best place to plant it.

Few hours later in the early afternoon, we noticed an incredible dark circle in the sky, surrounded by a circle of rainbow!

We have never seen such phenomena in our life in the sky! The mystic circle was exactly on the top of our house for hours! 

Moreover, on the following day when we planted it, EXACTLY when we finished planting of it, the bells of the church started ringing! 

We felt so happy, like a celebration! 

It was not possible to organize a ceremony with other people for health reasons (in this Covid situation), but again incredibly, when we came back inside house, opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate our memorable event, literally the champagne exploded all over the entire kitchen! We did not try to do it at all but it happened just like when people do so at a special celebration! 

We were astonished and surprised by all these strange events in coincidence of the Peace Pole planting and very happy to have planted it.

We hope our Peace Pole will contribute to raising human consciousness for peace on our Planet Earth.

Report and photos by: Nicola Gianluca Raimondi – Trige, Denmark

Submitted by:  Sonoko Tanaka 
May Peace Prevail On Earth International, Peace Representative- Italy