Maplebrook School students visit The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY – USA

July 6, 2022

The students were given a tour of the World Peace Sanctuary-(WPS), international headquarters of May Peace Prevail On Earth International and home of the Peace Pole Project – Ann Marie Robustelli, explained the mission of the organization and the function of the WPS- to include the descriptions of community gatherings and workshops that are held there.

In the rear of the building, the students (last stop of the tour of the building) were excited to see the Peace Pole maker, Charlie Caffiero, crafting a Peace Pole.   Charlie  was pleased to demonstrate and explain the crafting process— The students were fascinated by the many different language options.

The grand tour ended with, WPS – volunteer and community gardener, Michael Mager, taking the group to view the community garden.  Michael then led the group through the Sacred Grove to the Wisdom Trail for a “mindful nature- walk” experience. 

Staff and students had fun!  Is what they expressed.

The teachers asked if they could return with the students, to picnic and tour the grounds further. 

Maplebrook School is located (5 miles from the WPS) in Amenia, New York.  It’s a coeducational, international boarding school that serves adolescents and young adults with learning differences.

Maplebrook School has (2) Peace Poles planted- one on each side of the campus. 

May Peace be in our Schools!
May Peace Prevail On Earth! 

Respectfully submitted by: Ann Marie Robustelli, WPS- Assistant & Event Director at The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY