Eagle Scout Peace Pole project, Allendale, New Jersey – USA

July 2022

As a high school junior in Allendale, New Jersey, it was time to take on the final step of my Boy Scout journey, which was my Eagle Scout project.  A project option that caught my eye was the Peace Pole movement. I was inspired by the Peace Poles constructed in Southfield, MI upon seeing how glorious the final result looked.  However, tragedy struck before I even began planning for my project when my father passed away. He played a huge role in my Scout journey which resulted in my new goal: to make this a project that I was proud enough to put his name on it, rather than mine. 

I began the process which took nearly 10 months in total by finalizing the planning and getting approvals for my project.  Just getting the permission and all the paperwork finalized,  took nearly 6 months, alone.  After roughly 280 man-hours of hard and diligent work, the final result was more stunning than I could have ever imagined.  Naturally, such a wonderful project could only have been possible with the support from my friends, and family, especially my sister, mother, and blessings from my father.  Therefore, I dedicated the project in his name by printing his name on the plaque and bench plate at the construction site,  encapsulating my father’s love and support.   Shortly after the construction, I hosted a dedication event in which several people from all around town attended. A group that played the bagpipes performed for us and the local Church’s Father blessed the Peace Poles.   Friends, family, officers, council representatives, and many more were present which made this event and project so meaningful to me and my family.   I recalled all the way back to early September-2021; this project started with the Peace Movement serving as an inspiration and base for my project.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Porus Pavri, Eagle Scout