Peace Pole Inauguration at the Children’s (Kinderheim) Home in Machern – EAST GERMANY

June 25, 2022

Attached are some gorgeous photographs of the  Peace Poles planting that took place in Machern (near Leipzig), formerly known as East Germany.

Mr. Kalamorz, Managing Director of the Children’s (Kinderheim) Home in Machern, came across a Peace Pole in Lidice during a holiday break.

He had a thought to have a Peace Pole planted at the Children’s Home. It came to fruition. A Peace Pole was planted during a summer party at the Children’s Home.

According to German data protection law they were not permitted to take photographs of the kids who were participating. 

Therefore, you only see the educators in the photographs; they had a sport competition prior to the Peace Pole planting (which explains their attire).

Dagmar Berkenberg, designed a sign for Mr. Kalamorz, as he wanted to havethe word “shalom” and a drawing of a “peace dove” on one of the 4 language plates.

Dagmar was especially happy about this particular Peace Pole, because cooperation from everyone at the Children’s Home was so heartwarming.

Submitted by:  Dagmar Berkenberg, May Peace Prevail On Earth International-Germany office