Ise City Peace Pals Competition Exhibition. Ise City, Japan

There is a special Cafe “Kawasaki-gura” In Ise City, Tokyo. This is a very significant area in Japan where two shinto shrines are located.  One of them is considered the most sacred shrine in Japan and is dedicated to Shinto’s most important god, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Here in this sacred place there were one of a kind artwork from children from all around the world on displayed. Through May Peace Prevail On Earth, International and The Goi Peace Foundation; Peace Pals International’s winning submissions were available to view from September 17th to October 1st 2019.

The owner is a friend and liked the children’s paintings as well as the contest. The art was displayed at the entrance of the cafe and many local people spoke of how much they really loved them. Everyone was so impressed by the skills of the artists, as well as the design.

First Place winner Submission of “Living Peace” by Sophia G. of Mexico

Peace Pals International holds an International Art Competition annually for youth. Each year is a different theme of Peace. This last year was “Living Peace”. The upcoming competition is going to be very special as it is extended to coincide with the Olympics in Japan. The theme will be “Sports and Peace”.

Everyone who entered this popular Cafe to those walking along the street were so taken with the intentions of the images portrayed. Many remarked, “I cannot believe their ages since they are all so good”. The Competition is from 5 to 15 in age groups, and come from all around the world. Others remarked “I even felt something spiritual from the art”, which is common when you see the love and dedication these young artists put forth.

The cafe has an old fashioned feel of the 1950s or 1960s in their interior. “Gura” means storage and it shows the history of success of the business by merchants in old times. There are some art exhibitions from time to time.  Jazz players have gig occasionally.  So it has lots of culture and just a feeling in the air. It is a very popular Coffee Cafe and many Coffee fans gather here.

A very special thank you to Mitsuko Moroto for sharing this very special story with us.

May Peace Prevail in Japan.

May Peace Prevail On Earth