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There is Now A Peace Pole in Every Nation On Earth

It has been a decades long goal of the Peace Pole Project to get a Peace Pole planted on the soil of every nation on our planet. That goal is about to finally be reached. 

Late in 2018 the Peace Pole Project was down to just two countries without at least one Peace Pole within their borders. Those two countries were Montenegro and Timor-Leste. Earlier this year, through the work of Patrick Petit who is the European Liaison of the the Peace Pole Project’s parent organization the Goi Peace Foundation, a young woman named Zorana Višić planted a Peace Pole in the beautiful coastal town of Tivat in the Western Balkan Nation of Montenegro. That milestone left only one nation without a Peace Pole.

Zorana Visic with her Peace Pole in Montenegro. Zorana participated in the International Essay Contest hosted by sister organization the Goi Peace Foundation of Japan.

With just one nation left Jim Dugan of Peace Pole Project at May Peace Prevail On Earth International, headquartered at The World Peace Sanctuary in upstate New York, was put in touch with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President of Timor-Leste Jose Ramos-Horta; through his brother Kerry who lives in Thailand and is also a life long peace worker. President Ramos-Horta put Jim in touch with Sierra James, Program Manager and Co-Founder of the amazing peace organization Ba Futuru in Dili, Timor-Leste about getting a Peace Pole planted.

Ba Futuru in the local Tetun language means “For the Future” and they are renowned for positively influencing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Timorese and have provided life enhancing training programs to more than 40,000 children, youth, parents, teachers, police and community leaders across Timor-Leste. Ba Futuru specializes in peace building, gender empowerment, child protection education, teaching approaches and conflict resolution.

After overcoming incredible shipping hurdles two Peace Poles are now at the Ba Futuru Headquarters in Dilli, Timor-Leste. These Peace Poles will be planted later this year when Ba Futuru holds their Youth Peace Jam where President Ramos-Horta will likely be in attendance.

Ba Futuru staff in Dili, Timore-Leste 
With this Peace Pole delivered safely and planted in Timore-Leste, we now have a Peace Pole in EVERY COUNTRY on earth!

All of us at The Peace Pole Project and May Peace Prevail On Earth International truly share our deepest thanks to President Ramos-Horta, Sierra James and the rest of the staff at Ba Futuru and all the People of Timor-Leste for making this dream of a Peace Pole being planted in every nation on our planet become a reality.

We encourage you to check out the amazing work of Ba Futuru by visiting their website at

May Peace Prevail in Montenegro

May Peace Prevail in Timor-Leste

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