"May Peace Prevail on Earth", Become the Change You Wish to See, California

Two Women on a Crusade to help spread the message of Peace in our Schools and Communities. Today we highlight the extraordinary work they do.

Maria Maldonado

She volunteers her time, in creating a culture of

Peace by speaking, and giving a Native Blessing at Peace Pole Dedications.

Maria Maldonado is an inspirational Speaker

Maria believes there will be peace poles from kindergarten to college in Folsom, CA

Maria standing next to Peace Pole she wishes to see in every school.

Renee Marie

Just after the horrific shooting at Columbine High School, 1992, Reneé visited the U. S. Headquarters for the World Peace Prayer Society in upstate New York. When she walked the “Peace Pole Path” there and read “May Peace Prevail On Earth”, inscribed on over 200 Peace Poles dedicated to every sovereign nation, she knew that she would help to spread this universal wish with students. Serving as a Speech-Language Pathologist in our public schools provided the ideal opportunity to create Peace Pole Gardens on campus.

As the Founder of Peace Poles For Schools, Ms. Marie envisions the day when every school in America has an educational, Peace Pole Garden. She invites you to join in this peace-building work to develop empathic, future leaders.


Renee with a Peace Pole stating “May Peace be in our Schools”

You may also visit:


Yosemite Peace Symposium and “A Gathering of Peacemakers.”

We can’t think of a better place to meet than the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite, near the gates of Yosemite National Park, one of the most peaceful places on earth.

The World Peace Prayer Society wishes to say Thank you to Maria and Renee. They work tirelessly on a mission to help spread our message of “May Peace Prevail on Earth”

News and Photographs courtesy of Renee Marie and Maria Maldonado