Handcrafted Peace Pole in Cobstädt-GERMANY

April 4, 2014

This unique Peace Pole is located on a little hill outside of Cobstädt called “Field of Dreams.”

Cobstadt, Germany Peace Pole

The top of the Peace Pole shows a peace dove with an olive branch in its mouth. Due to steady wind, the dove was recently dismantled and a new one will be made.

Cobstadt Germany Peace Pole 2

The 4 languages on the Peace Pole are Esperanto (as the the famous Jacobs pilgrim path is close by and many pilgrims speak Esperanto), French as the organizer loves France, the language of the Runes as the area is a power place and first settlers are recorded 5000 years ago and last but not least, German.

Cobstadt Germany 4 Peace Pole