The World Peace Prayer Society and Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, New York-USA

June 21st – 22nd, 2015

Jim Dugan, of The World Peace Prayer Society  (WPPS) set up the “ World Peace” booth at the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival, a festival created by the great American Peace Activist and musician Pete Seeger.

Clearwater 2015 1jpg

This was the fifth year The WPPS has had a presence at this festival that is considered one of the greatest festivals in the entire country. Clearwater, as the regular attendees refer to the weekend, creates an “Activist Area” for numerous local, national and international organizations from Amnesty International, the Sierra Club and the African Women’s  Education Fund.

Clearwater 2015 2

The World Peace Prayer Society is proud to be recognized with these great organizations. Over the last several years, Jim Dugan has been leading a World Peace Flag Ceremony at Clearwater and this year the festival organizers asked Jim to lead a Flag Ceremony on both days of the event. Jim greatly thanks his family for volunteering at both Clearwater and at the Vibes during the 15 hour long work days.

Clearwater 2015 3

To learn more about this wonderful festival, please see: