17th International World Peace Festival Allanton Peace Sanctuary, SCOTLAND

June 6th, 2015

Walk from the marquee to the opening of the woodland walk

The opening of the ‘Wildlife Woodland Walk’ was one of the highlights at the 17th World Peace Festival on June 6th, 2015.  The walk was opened by Colin Mitchell, Chairman of Solway Heritage. Colin gave his opening remarks in the marquee – and then a procession of over 100 people followed the Moniaive Samba Band from the marquee to the woodland, where Colin cut the red ribbon and declared the walk officially opened! This was a magical moment and children and adults ran into the woodland to find John Wheeler telling stories in the lovely striped tent and to see what was happening with the ‘Babes in the Wood’ activity. The walk is now open for everyone to enjoy from dawn to dusk!

Yasue Joh presenting the Fuji Declaration

This year two Projects were introduced at the Festival:

1)    The Fuji Declaration: where visitors could read the Declaration and have the opportunity to sign it. http://fujideclaration.org/

2)    Allanton Sanctuary Peace Pole Henge:

The inspiration for the ‘Peace Pole Henge’ came from the ‘Twelve Apostles’ stone circle near the Allanton Sanctuary, which is one of the oldest stone circles in Scotland. We will create a Peace Pole Henge to link the new local culture to our ancient local cultural history. It is designed to celebrate our Global Diversity and Oneness starting from the central Peace Pole which quotes, “May Peace be in Our Homes and Communities.” The Henge is presently marked out on the grounds and it will have one Peace Pole to represent each country throughout the world – in total 202 Peace Poles! Each Peace Pole will be sponsored by either individuals or organizations that have a special connection to the country(ies) that they sponsor.

Allanton Peace Choir

The Flag Ceremony was held in the very large marquee.

Caroline welcomed everyone back from the Woodland Walk and introduced the World Peace Flag Ceremony. Once again, the Allanton Peace Choir, which consisted of about 30 people and was led by Kate Howard, sang beautiful songs for each continent.

 Fair Trade Café

After the Flag Ceremony we were entertained by a local group of musicians whilst everyone enjoyed Japanese curry made by Uma Uchima!

Aikido demonstration

The Festival has now become a recognized community event.

A local school visited us to gather data for information boards that will be put up in the woodland walk. They also wrote lovely poetry (which is displayed on poetry plinths) and made bird boxes. The café is run by the local Fair Trade groups, and many individuals and organizations came along to share their work with the visitors on the day.

Cutting the ribbon – Colin Mitchell, chairman of Solway Heritage

This year we received sponsorship from Dumfries and Galloway Council, the National Health Service, Heritage Lottery Fund, Solway Heritage Auldgirth and District Community Council and the Lions Club.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Submitted by:
Glenda Thornton
The World Peace Prayer Society
Allanton Sanctuary