Peace Pole planted by the Sacred Medicine Wheel, Lancaster Kentucky-USA

September 21st, 2013

On the Equinox-2012, we dedicated our Peace Poles next to the Community Medicine Wheel in Lancaster, Kentucky.  Everyone present wrote their prayers on pieces of cloth and tied them onto the two Peace Poles.  One bears the Peace Message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in Hopi and the other in English.

Peace-Pole-Sacred-Medicine-Wheel-Lancaster-Kentucky-USA_02 Peace-Pole-Sacred-Medicine-Wheel-Lancaster-Kentucky-USA_01

On September 21 2013, we will remove last years prayers  and burn them in the sacred fire.
We will again write our prayers and repeat the process.

It will be continued every year!!


Blessings to our beloved Hopi teacher Reverend Jeremie Leckron💗


May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Mary Vance-Perry