A Summer of Service in Frogtown – Michigan, USA

September 8th, 2010

Christiana Goldschmidt, MaiLou Thao, Vashti Pearson, Ahmed Odushola, Chinret Best, David Kim, and Elizabeth Hale surrounding a Peace Pole

Bethel has been partnering with the Frogtown/Summit-University (FSU) area of St. Paul for 12 years, providing early childhood education through a Bethel-owned preschool, offering tutoring and mentoring at FSU sites, sending students on service learning assignments, and even offering courses in the area through Bethel’s College of Adult & Professional Studies. This summer, 7 Bethel College of Arts & Sciences students are spending 12 weeks serving in FSU.

Melvin Giles, WPPS Peace Representative is the summer Supervisor and Program Coordinator for the Frogtown/Summit U partnership. Mr. Giles believes that the students’ work is more than a summer job. “These students are explorers and ambassadors for Bethel on an adventure of discovery,” says Giles. “To see these young people flourish and grow is a joy.”