Peace Pole in Florence Massachusetts-USA

June 21st, 2009

We planted our Peace Pole in our front garden on June 21 (Solstice) 2009.
We bought the language plates: English, Danish, Hebrew and Chinese and constructed

the Peace Pole ourselves.

We invited our friends for a Solstice Celebration and Peace Pole
planting. Most of them had never seen a peace Pole.
Each person was encouraged to write a prayer, a
word or an inspiration on a small rock. We then took turns planting

 the rocks around the Peace Pole.  Then we concluded with a poem and a dance encircling    the Peace Pole.
 I first saw a Peace Pole when I moved to Heathcote Community in
 Freeland Maryland 10 years ago. It had been there since the 70’s.
After I moved to Massachusetts and I longed to be greeted by the
Peace Pole message again.
 My hope is that the Peace Pole will elicit smiles and touch hearts and
 that it will help to spread peace, smile by smile….heart by heart.
 Thank you for the inspiration you provide.