Peace Pole in Dahlonega, Georgia-USA

June 7, 2009

I created a Peace Pole out of a redwood post for my church, the Georgia Mountain Unitarian Universalistic Church in Dahlonega, GA. We planted it on Sunday, June 7th and it was featured in the local paper, which is rather a remarkable thing as there is a military collage very near us and a feeling around us that we as Americans should be fighting.
 Thank you for your wonderful informative website I was able to paint the 10 different languages on the Peace Pole. The Peace Pole bears the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” on one side with all the members signatures placed below it and on the other sides in Spanish, French, Romanian, Tagalog, Hindi,
Swahili, Afghanistan Hebrew and Iranian.  I also, told the press of the history of The World Peace Prayer Society and Peace Pole Project.  May Peace Prevail On Earth! 

We are excited to add our voice for peace. Thank you. AJ Wolff