Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year

From the World Peace Prayer Society

We invite you to
commence the New Year by listening to 
the Universal Message and Prayer for Peace 
May Peace Prevail On Earth
spoken in 101 languages of the world.

Feel the radiance of the Global Heart and Mind
calling for peace, harmony and love to prevail in humanity 
and in all of creation on Earth.

Let us continue to 
uplift, inspire and awaken 
the consciousness of humanity 
in the New Year 
by sharing, spreading and expressing 
May Peace Prevail On Earth

The World Peace Prayer Society

The World Peace Sanctuary
26 Benton Road
Wassaic, NY 12592
Tel: 845-877-6093
Fax: 845-877-6862

The Peace Pole Project™, Peace Pals International™ and ShopPeace™
are signature projects of The World Peace Prayer Society.

We encourage the use of the Message, May Peace Prevail on Earth ®, by individuals and organizations
to further the spirit of peace. For business and commercial use of the Message please contact us.