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May Peace Prevail On Earth

Extraordinary Stories
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  • 1987---Mobile-Solar-Pole,-Peter-Talbert
    Mr. Peter Talbert of California-USA, found himself in a number of interesting places while traveling with his mobile Peace Pole. The "lluminated Peace Pole appropriate technology mobile display" functions on solar energy. By night the Peace Pole is illuminated from the hollow interior allowing the words, May Peace Prevail On Earth to shine on brightly in all four directions. (1987)
  • 1989--PPOLE GLN-7-South-Africa
    Mr. Muller, Mayor of Cape Town along with Deputy Mayoress and Ms. Jostern planted a Peace Pole on top of Table Mountain overlooking the Indian and Atlantic Oceans off the coast of South Africa. (1989)
  • 1988---Birmingham,-MI,-Marc-Lindy,-MI
    Marc Lindy, a local podiatrist from Birmingham MI presented a Peace Pole to the City Commission. He raised the money for the Peace Pole by standing on street corners of downtown Birmingham collecting quarters the day after Thanksgiving. "I could have bought the Peace Pole myself, says Marc, but I asked specifically for quarters because I knew it would be more meaningful it I could present it on behalf of 400 people who contributed." (1988)
  • 1992--Border-if-Israel-and-Jordan-PPOLE -NYTimes-
    This Peace Pole was planted by Journeys Unlimited during their annual World Peace Conference. The group held hands across the bridge, which is an armed border, linking Israeli solders on one side with Jordanian solders on the other. May Peace be in the Middle East (1992).
  • 1993---US-Vietnam-Vets,-Saigon,-Vietnam
    A remarkable Peace Walk organized by Vietnam Friends and International Peaceworks, Inc., took place from Hanoi to Saigon by a group of US Vietnam Veterans of War. A total of four Peace Poles were planted during the Peace Walk. The first was planted at China Beach where the Marines landed, followed by a very emotional dedication at Lai Khe Grammar School in a town where one participant was stationed as a combat infantry man during the war. Another Peace Pole was dedicated in front of the Friendship Clinic in Vung Tau and the most significant Peace Pole was planted in front of the former U.S. Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. One participant recounts, "We planted the Peace Pole and held a simple ceremony saying we had come back in peace and friendship. A huge crowd of Vietnamese joined in with us in solidarity as we all burned incense for the war-dead on both sides and read statements and poetry." (1993)
  • 1997---Nepal-China-Border---Langtang-Park-
    A Peace Pole was planted in 1997 in the Langtang National Park with the cooperation of the Royal Nepal Army and Nepal Police.
  • 1997--Peace-Mountain---Slovakia
    Some people hiked, while others ventured 1, 246 meter high in electronic lifts to the mountain peak of Kojsovska Hol'a in Kosice, Slovakia to witness the dedication of 49 Peace Poles placed atop of the Peace Mountain peak. The 49 Peace Poles were dedicated by each of the 49 representative who gathered from around Slovakia including Mayors from six cities, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, the Director of the State Philharmonic and many school Principals and children. The dedication of Peace Mountain ended with the voices of children and adults singing, May Peace Prevail On Earth, May Peace be in Slovakia!" (1997)
  • 2000---Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan-
    The Peace Pole dedicated at Bethany Beyond the Jordan, site of the Baptism of Jesus, was orchestrated to be held on 11/11/00 at 11am to coincide with the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" which marked the symbolic end of World War I, known as 'Armistice Day.' The event closed the Global Summit on 'Peace Through Tourism' organized by the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism. The Peace Pole was planted along with a Peace Grove of eleven olive tress, in anticipation of the site's future dedication as an International Peace Park. Until then, the Peace Pole stands vigil for peace in the Middle East and peace on earth.
  • 2000--US-Pentagon,-Millenium-Peace-Day-Pentagon
    One special day in September 2000, an intimate gathering took place in the Prayer Room of the Pentagon to dedicate a Peace Pole. This is the building that houses the United States Department of Defense in Washington D.C. The Peace Pole was blessed by Chaplain (LTC) Henry A. Haynes followed by a concert organized by Ms. Gerry Eitner, President of the Masters Group in Washington D.C. In the presence of the Peace Flame, The Cloth of Many Colors and more blessings from the United Religions Initiative, everyone sang, May Peace Prevail On Earth, to close this memorable occasion.
  • 2001--Union-Square-911
    Immediately after the tragedy of 9/11, the people of New York City flocked to Union Square to create a memorial to those who lost their lives and for the families left grieving. Amidst the ocean of candles, flowers and messages, a Peace Pole was placed in the center of this makeshift outdoor shrine sending waves of healing and love to all.
  • 2001-Hill-of-Crosses,-Shauley,-Lithuania-
    The Hill of Crosses is a famous Christian pilgrimage site containing more than 50,000 crosses of various sizes perched on this hill. Pope John Paul II visited the Hill of Crosses in 1993. After a special mass held by Bishop Eugenijus Bartulis at Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, the participants proceeded to the Hill of Crosses to plant the Peace Pole. Mr. Hiroo and Mrs. Masami Saionji, President and Chairperson of The World Peace Prayer Society, the Mayor of Siauliai, and Dr. Remigijus Gaska from the President's Office also attended the ceremony. This special hand-crafted Peace Pole is inscribed with the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Lithuanian, Japanese, and English and also the message "Tebuna Lietuvoje taika" (meaning "May peace be in Lithuania,") and atop bears a small cross to represent the spirit of the Lithuanian people. (2001)
  • 2005-World's-Tallest-PP.-Janesville,-WI.-jpg
    The world's tallest Peace Pole known to date stands 52 feet tall and is located in Peace Park, Janesville, Wisconsin. The next tallest peace pole at 30 feet was dedicated in Prashanti Dham, a spiritual center in Ujjain, India at the First International Conference of Sai Foundations.
  • 2002-World's-Tallest-PP---SaiFdn,-India
    The peace pole at 30 feet was dedicated in Prashanti Dham, a spiritual center in Ujjain, India at the First International Conference of Sai Foundations. (2002)
  • 2004---Journey-to-Iraq,-Baghdad--
    James Twyman organized a group of interfaith leaders to travel to Iraq for a prayer gathering which took place at the National Theater in central Baghdad on the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq on March 20th 2004. Other participants who traveled from the US included Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Jose Arguelles, a Russian Shaman, an African spiritualist and Eliyahu McLean who traveled to Baghdad from Israel. They joined with Iraqi religious leaders - Sunni and Shia Muslim clerics, Shieks, Christian Bishops and Monks for a moving interfaith ceremony of prayers and music. After the indoor ceremony, they all dedicated a Peace Pole in front of the National Theatre adjacent to one of the busiest traffic circles in Baghdad. Everyone chanted together first in Arabic "a-Salaam il'alam ajma'u", and then in English, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" to close the Ceremony.
  • 2004-McDonalds,-Serbia-Beograd--1
    A Peace Pole was dedicated at McDonald's in Belgrade's Rakovica Square by a group of "Peace Ride' cyclists traveling from Norway to the Athens Olympics. At the dedication, a representative of McDonald's International said, "May Peace Prevail On Earth is a simple idea that can link all our hearts and bring new energy into our everyday activities. We hope that soon the Peace Pole symbol will be as least as familiar as our Golden Arches are." (2004)
  • 2008---Emergency-PP,-Brethren-Campus-USA
    Brethren College Campuses across the United States converted their campus Emergency telephone booths into Peace Poles telephone booths, bearing the Peace Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth. (2008)
    Atlanta Peace Trails is a map booklet of 39 Peace Poles, Peace Gardens and Peace Monuments around the greater Atlanta area. The booklet was created in the hopes to encourage people to walk, bike and ride the mass transit system (MARTA) while exploring and being inspired by the many sites dedicated to peace. A joint project of Carla Smith, Atlanta City Council Member for District 1, Dr. Gail Lash with, Andrea Kay Smith with and Don Grant with To learn more visit: (2008)
  • Girl-Scouts-of-Alaska-
    The Girls Scouts of Susitna Council earned their 'peace badge' by donating and planting a Peace Pole to the US Forest Service. The Ceremony ended a day of service at Portage Glacier, where the girls and their families transplanted wildflowers, spruce trees and shrubs to the recently renovated Willawa campground. Girl Scouts of Susitna Council have planted Peace Poles at the Council Office, their resident Camp Togowoods, and at their day camp site in a municipal park and the state fairgrounds in Palmer Alaska.
  • Khyber-Pass-,-Border-of-Pakistan&Afghanistan--2
    A Peace Pole stands guard at Khyber Pass which is a mountain passage that links Pakistan and Afghanistan. Throughout history it has been an important trade route between Central Asia and South Asia and a strategic military location.
  • Olympic-Peace-Path-Day
    84 Peace Poles were installed at the City and County Building in Salt Lake City at a ribbon cutting ceremony officiated by Mr. Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City. The Peace Poles remained throughout the Olympics. The Peace Poles were placed to create a pathway for the opening Ceremony, in which the Olympic Torch was carried through. The Peace Poles stood vigil during this time as the the natives of Salt Lake City and 40,000 guests passed through to enjoy the multi-cultural Downtown Festivities. The Peace Poles eventually found a permanent home in the International Peace Gardens in Jordan Park in 2003.
  • PP-and-Missile,-Domail,-Pakistan-
    A friendship bus leaves from this site in Pakistan, Kashmir to Sri Nagar, Kashmir in India. "At the planting of the Peace Pole ceremony I told participants that we love peace and we are not in favor of war and we want to promote peace and harmony around the world, in our hearts and in our home. It was so good to see that our message May Peace Prevail on Earth reached millions of people as this event was given coverage by the international television stations and radio as well." Fr. Channan, Pakistan
  • PPs-aroundthe-world-ROBBEN
    This moving Peace Pole dedication took place during the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions in Cape Town, South Africa. Representatives of many religions from all over the world arrived at sunrise to heal the energy of the prison that had held Nelson Mandela for 18 years. They listened to the stories of the prisoners and the songs of the Township children, and then, raising the flags of all nations together as one, they all blessed the Peace Pole with the prayer, "May Peace Prevail on Earth!" (1999)
  • River-Kwai,-Thailand-
    The Bridge over River Kwai was built during World War II as part of the Thailand Burma Railroad. More than 90,000 forced laborers and prisoners of war died during construction of this Railroad. A 415 kilometer (260 miles) long railway was installed in just 16 months. May Peace Prevail On Earth!
  • Mt.-Everest,-Sagarmatha-National-park,Nepal
    A Peace Pole was dedicated in Sagarmatha National Park in the Everest region of Syangboche at the elevation of 3970m (1324ft). The journey begins by taking a plane to the airstrip of Lukla at elevation 2850m (9350ft) and then walking for 16 hours to the world heritage site. "The ascent and decent in the treks have given me 'strenuous' energy to act honestly and resolutely for world peace." S. Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal