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Express your love to all living beings and to all of creation on earth

    May Peace Prevail On Earth
May Peace be in every Country
Indigenous Tribe
Newly Emerging Nations
and all of Creation on Earth


The World Peace Prayer Ceremony is a global celebration of the oneness of life and the human family. With united hearts and minds, participants of the Ceremony are invited to invoke prayers for peace to prevail in the countries and regions of the world. It is a moving ceremonial ritual rising above national boundaries, religion and ideologies giving expression to the universal wish for peace and harmony which lies at the core of every human heart.


The World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony was first organized in Japan by Mrs. Saionji in 1983. In 1986, The First International World Peace Prayer Ceremony was organized in the city of Los Angeles introducing this moving Ceremony to an international audience for the first time outside Japan. Since then this Ceremony has been organized on every continent and in every major city throughout the world.


The Purpose of the Prayer and Flag Ceremony is to commune as one in the spirit of the Universal Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth and to send your energetic words, thoughts and prayers for peace to prevail on Earth.

World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony May Peace Prevail On Earth 


"Prayer" means different things to different people. When we use the words "prayer", we are not referring to a conventional prayer of a particular faith or denomination. Our reference and use of the word "prayer" is an affirmation and declaration of the wishes and aspirations that exist within each one of us, in communion with the heart where there is only Oneness, Compassion and Love for humanity.



May Peace be in _________
(name of country)
May Peace Prevail On Earth

May Peace Prevail On Earth   May Peace Prevail On Earth   May Peace Prevail On Earth

Global Presentations

Since its inception in 1983, The World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony has been presented on every continent and in every major city throughout the world.

Here is a list of just a few highlighted Ceremonies:

Peace Prayer Day at the United Nations, New York; Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference: Awakening a Global Vision, Palm Springs, California; Third International Women's Conference, Dallas, Texas; Harmonic Concordance, Toronto, Canada; Parliament of the World's Religions, Barcelona, Spain; Native American Prayer Vigil, Washington DC; United Nations Annual Ceremony for the International Day of Peace, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India; Tibetan's Children's Village, Dharamsala, India; Sydney University, Australia; Sunrise Ceremony, Mt. Fuji, Japan, Walk Rally for Peace, Sorsogon, Philippines; Habitat for Humanity Conference, Johannesberg, South Africa; Bascilica of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy; Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Guadalupe Maria Cathedral,
Mexico City; Namibia National Theatre, Namibia; Gandam Lama Temple, Mongolia; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Hanoi Cultural Palace, Vietnam; World Philosopher's Meet, Geneva, Switzerland; Human Unity Conference, Munich, Germany; Global People's Assembly, Samoa; Alliance for a New Humanity, Puerto Rico and many more!


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