May Peace Prevail On Earth International

International Day of Peace – Peace Pole – Sutamarchán, Boyacá Colombia

September 21, 2014

We had a beautiful day at our finca (farm) in Sutamarchán, Boyacá Colombia. 15 of our neighbors and friends gathered for a barbecue and drinking my homemade wine (Blackberry and Prickly Pear). At 2:00 pm we made a circle around the Peace Pole I had stuck in the ground the day before. The four languages on our pole are Spanish, Arabic, Sanskrit and English. We circled the peace pole with small flags of all the countries I have visited or lived in, and US states I have lived in. I talked about the Peace Pole Project and the ceremonies going on at the same time around the world. Our friend Maria del Carmen led us in prayer, then we each picked up a flag and put them in a post in the meditation area while making a silent prayer for that country or state.



Then more wine and good conversation.

Dave y Diana