May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Authentic Imperfections and the Power of the International Day of Peace – Sacramento, California – USA

September 21, 2014

This year, I had the honor of helping to coordinate a World Flag Ceremony and Peace Pole Dedication on Capitol Park, Sacramento, California.  I sent out hundreds of event fliers and emails.  One beautiful PeaceWarrior, Joan Marie, emailed me back stating that she would attend and even met with Fumi Johns and I the day before the event in order to see how we planned for a World Flag Ceremony.  Joan came with a few friends and in her soft, confident way, assured us that she would be a hands-on helper in any way needed. Joan has spent several years acknowledging the need in our communities to share what we have and to accomplish this through a healthy body, quiet mind and peaceful heart. She asked if we could perform the World Flag Ceremony during her event planned for Carmichael Park, on 21 SEP 2014 (  This was a delightful experience of divine encounters – of course we would!



One morning, before Joan’s “Day of Peace 2014” event, we spoke on the phone about the power of words and how easily one’s intentions can be misunderstood. Joan said that she was learning to embrace her own, “authentic imperfections”. This provided and immediate and fresh awakening for me!  Hearing those words was like medicine for my soul. You see, no matter how much I expect of myself or how many good deeds I might reflect back on, there’s a part of me that is hypercritical and anxious about being “good enough”.  This year, being a part of the Live Call for a global meditation and hearing Peace Representatives from around the World speak the Universal Wish – “May Peace Prevail On Earth”, sponsored by Be The Peace (, as well as internalizing Joan Marie’s testimony that she vows to embrace her own Authentic Imperfection, I feel free, renewed, ready to engage my best, heart-centered Self with all of my Authentic Imperfections.  I hope that all of us will grow our passion to live for compassionate change through individual and collective peace. Happy Peace Day – everyday!


© Captain Reneé Marie, U. S. Army Reserve, Volunteer Peace Representative (WPPS), Sacramento, California, 21 September 2014