May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Peace Pole or IDP at “Imagine School at Cortez Park, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

September 20, 2013

Hello Ann Marie,

I hope this finds you doing well.

I wanted to send you some pictures of our Peace Pole planting and give you background on our school.


Imagine School at Cortez Park is a charter school in Phoenix Arizona that is unique in that although we are located in the South West, our greatest population of students are Burmese. The recent refugees from Burma have found a new home in Phoenix  Arizona and our school has been lucky to have been chosen to help the children make a smooth transition to life in the U.S. Our school is more than a multicultural learning institution, it is a “beacon of peace and hope” for these parents and children and we feel blessed to have them in our fold.


On September 20, 2013, in honor of IDP, our school gathered around to plant our Peace Pole and to remind our parents and students that we are committed  to our shared values:  Justice, Integrity and Fun!


We believe that only through these shared values and through our dedication to our 6 measures of excellence can we help all children reach their full potential, no exceptions.

Our Peace Pole bears the Peace Message in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Burmese ,Arabic, Albanian and Karen. These are the voices of our students and we feel so proud to have become part of this great organization.


We look forward to continuing to celebrate with you on this special day and bring peace to our children, neighborhood and community.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Gregory R. van Goidtsnoven M.Ed.
Academic Dean
Imagine Schools Cortez Park