May Peace Prevail On Earth International

April is Poetry Month ~ "A Call"


Sitting and thinking, wondering why
Knowing from within, that we all shall die
We can’t runaway, there’s no escape
For someday tomorrow, we’ll all reach that bend

But why is it done in a ruthless way
Why do we kill, our innocence and youth!
Why do we slaughter, peace in our lives!
What will we gain!
When knowing someday
That we’ll all fade away

Death is a promise, Life is a brief
No road for eternal
Except in goodwill deeds

Oh dear nations wake up
No one is superb
Don’t follow that fiend,
His way is well known,
He’s a very bad end
Start loving one another
Grant harmony to our lives
Cause this is the option!
For fronting good drives

May Peace Prevail On Earth