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Kansas State University dedicates Peace Pole to celebrate a decade of nonviolence education-Kansas, USA

January-through April-2010 MANHATTAN — The impact of nonviolence education at Kansas State University over the last decade will be the focus of the 2010 Season of Nonviolence, Jan. 30-April 4. This year’s theme is “For the Public Good.” “We’ve been working for a decade now to build a safe and equitable campus and community, using…

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California Lutheran University to Dedicate Peace Pole, California, USA

January 29th, 2009 California Lutheran University (CLU) will dedicate a Peace Pole at 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 29, outside Samuelson Chapel at the Thousand Oaks Campus. The Peace Pole is inscribed with “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in nine different languages – Arabic, Braille, Chinese, Chumash, English, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian and Spanish. The inscription will…

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Peace Pole Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Fall-2005 The Peace Pole Garden is a peaceful area, with a winding path and 6 granite benches inscribed with “May Peace Prevail On Earth in Arabic, Cherokee, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili.” Since its inception and Peace Pole dedication in the fall of 2005, people gather at the Peace…

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Peace Pole with Peace Message in Southern Sami language, Norway

2010 Baajh raeffiem eatnamisnie årrodh is the Southern Sami translation of May Peace Prevail On Earth! Southern Sami  is the south-westernmost of the Sami languages. It is a seriously endangered language; the last strongholds of this language are the municipalities of Snåsa and Hattfjelldal in Norway. There are approximately 2000 people considered ethnically Southern Sami…

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Peace Pole in Sharon Massachusetts, USA

May-2009 The Peace Pole was planted in Beech Tree Park, a town piece of land on Pond Street in Sharon, Massachusetts. We learned about The Peace Pole Project from a member of the community who helped build the community park.  Teens from Interfaith Action’s Youth Leadership Program planned a multi-cultural celebration, including dance, music, poetry, and…

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