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The World Peace Prayer Society Announces its 24 Hour Internet Marathon -Winter Solstice

December 21, 2009 People from 26 countries participated in The World Peace Prayer Society’s Winter Solstice 24 Hour Internet Marathon.    People from around the world accompanied us in prayer to envelop the Earth with an energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony in the spirit of the Universal Message and Prayer,  May Peace Prevail On…

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Peace Pole by URI Trustee in Lima, Peru

December-2009 David Limo, Trustee of the United Religions Initiative in Peru, along with community members organized a Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony. The 6 sided Peace Pole was crafted locally and planted in a park located in the center of the city of Lima, Peru.  The languages chosen honor the cultures and traditions of the indigenous peoples who came together to discuss creating a Culture of Peace.          

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Peace Poles in Tutzing, Germany

It’s so precious, interesting and valuable to learn the history—the story behind the planting of Peace Poles. 1986   Mr. Jakob Blaette of Germany was on a business trip in Japan. In Kamakura in front of the Hokoku-ji Temple he saw a Peace Pole at the temple’s entrance. Since then it was his wish to…

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